Botswana is a Southern African landlocked country. Bordered by Namibia in the west, Zambia in the north, Zimbabwe in the east, and South Africa to the south. There are two major hunting areas in Botswana namely the Kalahari in the centre and the Okavango Delta in the north. These two areas are vastly different. The Kalahari is dry whereas the Okavango Delta has the largest inland water deltas in the world. It is a lifeline in a barren land and a magnet for game.

Both are productive areas and home to countless species of animals. There are thousands of elephant, cape buffalo, crocodile, hippo, lion, and leopard. The delta is also home to the very unique red lechwe. The Kalahari region is superb for plains game hunting and is home to the largest of Africa’s antelope; gemsbok, cape eland and greater kudu.

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