Our videographers have solid production skills and are all either hunters, guides or outdoorsmen.

As documentary videographers with vast hunting experience and technical know how, our shooters possess artistic film skills second to none in this demanding industry.

On safari, your cameraman becomes your personal biographer – from the moment you step off the plane, unobtrusive & alert, he will capture the trials & triumphs that are part of every adventure.

From early in the morning before the camp is awake, until long after dark, your videographer is working. Capturing the ambience, the moods, the tension, the action…


Our cameramen, with our editors place emphasis on artistic creativity and steady documentation, customized to your specifications. This integrated approach ensures quick delivery of your movie, an accurate and personalized portrayal of your safari.

With our vast hunting experience and technical skills, we weave your days on safari into a classic film. Bringing to life again in the years to come all your experiences in full HD video.

Garrick Cormack

 Director, producer, cameraman

Garrick has spent most of his life in this industry and has a passion for wildlife, hunting, wild places and film making. Founded Wildside Productions in 1990, he has seen it all on 5 continents. Skills in both the field as a guide, hunter and a trained cameraman have contributed towards him to producing exceptional documentaries, news, hunting and wildlife films.

Brett Lambrecht

Director, editor, cameraman

Brett has a wealth of post production knowledge and studio management, an immense asset to the outfit. He has only ever worked in film production. Raised and trained in the hunting industry, he has immense depth as a cameraman. Since 1998 he’s been all over the world with hunters & TV shows. Founded Killshot Productions, a well versed hunting production pro.

Glenn Lambrecht

Cameraman, photographer, editor

Glenn pioneered hunting film making in the early ’80’s. A professional news photographer with a formal background in production. He founded Savage Moon Productions. A legend in the industry. Nobody has travelled more extensively or made more films in this genre than him! A cool customer under pressure, rock steady.

Duncan Watson

 Cameraman and Editor

Duncan is a an excellent guide & bushman, having grown up in the Zimbabwean bush, where he spends most of his time. With a graphic design and photography background, his vast experience in the field since childhood and his love of wildlife, filming safaris professionally was a natural progression. He has done that for 14 years all over Africa. Duncan is a live wire, involved in every aspect of a safari. A good people person. Proactive, artistic & confident, always making it happen. Complimenting any hunt and film shoot.

Garrick, Brett and Glenn have amalgamated their companies and skill sets, providing a high level of professionalism and film production to the industry. They work with the very best equipment and are proud of their discerning clients, professional agents, outstanding operators, outfitters and worldwide partners who work with them to deliver great experiences.